Parking Citations
The City of Fort Smith currently has over 700 parking spaces in the Downtown area when you consider the metered street parking, the parking garage, and other public parking lots.  There are also several hundred spaces owned and operate by private businesses.  We never want parking to be a problem when you visit Fort Smith and this is the real reason we have meters; to keep anyone from parking too long in a particular spot or area thus giving everyone access.  When someone does overstay a meter they may receive a parking ticket and if that is case the below instructions should help.

Have you received a citation due to a parking meter violation?

Here is what you need to do next.  Along with your parking citation you should have received a payment envelope.

You can place your fine in the envelope along with the citation and drop it in one of the yellow strong boxes attached to parking meter posts in the downtown area.

Alternatively, you can bring your payment to the Fort Smith Police Department or mail it to us at:

Fort Smith Police Dept.

100 South 10th St.

Fort Smith, AR 72901



If you have any questions about how to handle your meter violation citation please call the department at 479.709.5000.

Tickets issued in No Parking areas are considered Traffic Violations and are handled by the Fort Smith District Court. 


If you have received a citation for:

  • Parking in a No Parking area
  • Improper Parking
  • Parking in a Handicap Zone
  • Anything not specifically related to metered parking


You should contact the Fort Smith District Court Business Office at 479.784.2420.


Or visit their website HERE.

Any citation that is ignored may result in a warrant being issued for the person named on the citation. 
Don't let this happen, please contact us if you have questions.