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Working toward a day when our profession is no longer needed, we shall relentlessly pursue perfection in all we do knowing excellence can be obtained. We will strive to improve the lives of everyone we encounter. Service to others will be our guiding principle as we work hand-in-hand with every segment of our community to seek permanent peace, justice and security for all.

FSPD Personnel Demographics
As of August 16, 2022
Sworn Personnel

White 75.93%
African American 4.32%
Latinx 8.02%
Asian 1.85%
American Indian/Native Alaskan 8.02%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander .62
Two or more races 1.23%

Male 87.65
Female 12.35%

White 72.09%
African American 11.63%
Latinx 6.98%
Asian 0.00%
American Indian/Native Alaskan 2.33%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.00%
Two or more races 6.98%

Female 72.11%
Male 27.89%

City of Fort Smith Demographics
Demographics of Fort Smith, Arkansas as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau at https://www.census.gov/quickfacts
White alone, not Hispanic or Latino.....59.1%
Black or African American alone.....8.8
American Indian/Native Alaskan 1.2%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.00%
Two or more races 7.3%