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Hitman Scam - E-mail-based Scheme That Threatens Death To The Recipient
Some citizens recently have received emails recently purporting to be from a remorseful hit-man, informing the recipient of a contract put out on their life by an undisclosed person. The sender instructs the recipient to contact them to make arrangements to deter the "hit." Below is verbiage from one of the emails, including a return email address of the supposed hit-man:

The Scammer's Email:
"I am not proud to inform you that I am an assassin, I kill for money and I was already sober and was trying to call it a quit from this line when I was contacted by a longtime agent of mine who introduced this individual to me who made an instant advance payment for me to kill you. No need for you to inform the cops or any security agencies because I would had killed you if I wanted to and I beg you not to push me into killing you, am giving you these information because am quitting from this line permanently and I want to help you safeguard your life, knowing fully well that this individual who paid for your elimination will stop at nothing than seeing you dead, its very much advisable for you not to panic or inform any one for now, not even the closest people to you until I assist you in trashing it out and probably ensuring there is no threat from the individual anymore, for now you never can tell who the client wanting you dead might be and so you have to be very vigilant, obedient and keep all details to yourself to ensure your safety, I can decide to help you in either way, all depending on how responsive you can be, I have recorded and very substantial proofs of the individualís discussions with me and also his full details and every one of your details it provided in carrying out the job, so I can either help you nail the individual down permanently or clean everything off about it permanently depending on your response and how serious you consider my message to you, its up to you to reply and discuss with me on concerning how I can help you or ignore my message and then wait for the outcome, I made up my mind to do this for you and so I am giving you 3 days to make up your mind and respond or try your luck by ignoring me, doing this will mean giving me the go ahead to do it anyhow and it will be too late when the head is off, so be wise. I await your reasonable reply for your own good. Reply me on my private email:"

Fear and Extortion
These emails are a crude attempt to capitalize on peopleís fear and extort money from them. The only danger is in replying to them and becoming the victim of a scam. One way to discern this is not a legitimate threat is to note the fact there is no information within the email specific to the recipient, other than the email address. There may be different versions of the email, but the goal is the same; to get you to send money to prevent a "hit."

What To Do:
Ignore and delete. DO NOT reply to or have any communication with the sender. If you like, you may report this matter to the FBI at If, in the unlikely event you receive an email like this with information specifically about you, then please contact us and report the matter.

If you have sent money to someone in response to this scam, also please contact us. For more information go to or do an online search for "hitman email scam."