Public Awareness - Motorcycle Gangs

Growing Presence of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
Because of a growing presence of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs as well as clubs known to support Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs) in and around the Fort Smith and River Valley area, the Fort Smith Police Department believes the citizens of this community should be informed of the potential threat some of these organizations pose. The Fort Smith Police Department recognizes that there are many individuals who enjoy the "motorcycle culture" and may be affiliated with a club or organization which has absolutely no criminal intent. It is neither our goal nor our intent to target individuals based solely on their association with a motorcycle club. There are, however, organizations present in and around Fort Smith which are nationally and globally known to be organized criminal organizations. There are also smaller, less well known clubs active in this area with known associations to those criminal organizations.

It is the intent of the Fort Smith Police Department to actively and aggressively investigate and prosecute any individual and/or organization found to engage in any criminal activity within the City of Fort Smith. It is also our intent to provide you, the citizens and business owners of the River Valley community with the most accurate and most relevant information possible regarding these organizations. Only then can you make a well informed decision regarding your own understanding of organized crime within your community.

Additional Information of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
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