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Equal Opportunity Employment
The Fort Smith Police Department The Fort Smith Police Department is committed to excellence, professionalism and community service. We continue to set the pace in law enforcement by our progressive growth, work environment, and career opportunities. We know you have invested a great deal in preparation for your career in law enforcement; now is the time to make your investment pay off. Choose a leader among police agencies. The Fort Smith Police Department offers you exciting career options, including competitive pay, full health and dental plans, as well as an excellent retirement package. If you desire a rewarding career, are self-motivated, and prepared to accept the challenge, take the steps necessary to see if you have what it takes to be a member of the Fort Smith Police Department.

Do you want to receive notification for FUTURE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNIES at the Fort Smith Police Department? Now you can because the Fort Smith Police Department is now able to accept interest cards. All you need to do is follow any of the links below, GET NOTIFIED, and complete an interest card for the job categories you choose. Looking for a career in our 911 center, choose 911 Telecommunications! Looking for a career as a Police Officer, choose LAW ENFORCEMENT. Other police department job categories include; CLERICAL and DATA ENTRY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, ANIMAL CONTROL, MAINTENANCE, IT AND COMPUTERS, CODE ENFORCEMENT and INTERNSHIPS! You don’t have to choose just one. You may choose to receive notifications for several positions. Just select your options and then ‘SUBSCRIBE’ and complete the registration process. It’s that easy.

When the City of Fort Smith or the Fort Smith Police Department announces a job opening for a job category you selected, you will receive email notification of the opening and how to apply on-line! It’s that simple.

Employment Opportunities
Position Future Employment
  Availability       Download Form / Application
Animal Control GET NOTIFIED   No Current Openings  
Cadet GET NOTIFIED   *Accepting Applications  
Clerk / Data Entry GET NOTIFIED   No Current Openings
Crime and Intelligence Analyst GET NOTIFIED   No Current Openings
Maintenance Assistant GET NOTIFIED   *Accepting Applications  
Meter Enforcement GET NOTIFIED   No Current Openings
Narcotics Unit Secretary GET NOTIFIED   No Current Openings
Patrol Officer GET NOTIFIED     No Current Openings   Oath of Applicant | Study Guide NCJOCI^2
Radio Communications Technician GET NOTIFIED   No Current Openings
Public Safety Customer Service Assistant (Part-Time)   GET NOTIFIED   *Accepting Applications  
Public Safety Network Analyst   GET NOTIFIED   No Current Openings
Telecommunicator GET NOTIFIED   *Accepting Applications