Inside the FSPD - Auxiliary

"Families Behind the Badge" Supporting Our Officers, Our Community, and Each Other
At this time the Auxiliary is just getting started. Please bear with us as we learn and grow together. We are one large group made up of several small committees. Our primary goal is to uplift and encourage our officers and each other as we live the ups and downs of police life, through prayer, positive words, good deeds, and educational workshops. Another goal for the Auxiliary is to become a non-profit organization so that we can raise money and accept donations to help local charities and to serve our community by getting involved. The members of the Auxiliary are Police Officer's wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancÚs, parents, siblings, in-laws and grandparents all from within our own department. There are no dues to pay or forms to fill out. The only requirement is that you have a sincere desire to be a positive influence in the life of our officers, our community, and each other.

* Updates *
Saturday, March 28th, 2009 - Girls Night Out
Saturday, April 4th, 2009 - Easter Egg Hunt on from 3PM - 5PM at the FOP Lodge

Meeting Information
Meetings will be held every 3rd Monday night of every month at Police Department Community Room, starting at 6:00 PM. You will be kept updated on any changes through e-mail or by phone. Feel free to contact any of the following people regarding any questions or ideas that you may have.

President: Meredith Milam
Email address:

Secretary: Sara Parkinson

Treasure: Brooke Bolinger

Welcoming Committee
The purpose of this committee is to show our new officers and their families that they are appreciated and welcomed by presenting them with local resources and a special gift.

Committee Head: Katrina Chambers
Email address:

Expecting Moms Committee
The purpose of this committee is to help our "moms to be" get ready for the birth of their child by using our experience as parents, throwing a baby shower, and preparing meals.

Committee Head: Marcy Ohm
Email address:

Words of Encouragement Committee
The purpose with this committee is to send many different kinds of cards and notes to mark the many occasions that arise in our lives.

Committee Head: Meredith Milam
Email address:

Support Committee
The purpose with this committee is to provide a relaxed, confidential setting and allow our police families a time to talk and listen to each other concerning their wants, needs, frustrations and joys without gossip or prejudice. Also to provide the tools and resources that will equip each person to better handle the challenges that go along with living with a police officer.

Committee Head(s): Becky Baker
Email address:

and Christi Forrest
Email address:

Prayer Chain Committee
The purpose is for those who need prayer to feel comfortable presenting their requests to those who wish to pray.

Committee Head: Janie Lawson
Email address:

Emergency Committee
The purpose is to never leave a police family alone in the time of crisis or dire need.

Committee Head: Lisa Boyd
Email address: