Public Awareness - Animal Control Shelter Location

Shelter Location
The Fort Smith Police Department has a contract with the Sebastian County Humane Society to house all animals impounded by the Animal Control Division. The Sebastian County Humane Society is located at 3800 Kelley Highway in Fort Smith.

When a dog is impounded, it is taken to the Human Society where an intake form is completed and the dog is placed into a pen. There is a licensed veterinarian on staff at the shelter to look after the dog’s care while it is impounded. At the shelter, the animals are fed and watered by Humane Society staff.

Owners of dogs picked up by Animal Control can contact the Sebastian County Humane Society at (479) 783-4395 to inquire about their dog. After paying an impound fee imposed by the shelter, the dog may be picked up; that is, unless the dog has been classified as either dangerous or vicious by Animal Control.

Contact Information
Animal Control office phone number (479) 784-1040

Animal Control Supervisor Sergeant Greg Copeland (479) 709-5017