Public Awareness - Animal Control FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I report a loose dog in my neighborhood?

A. Call (479) 709-5100 to report it so that Animal Control can respond.

Q. Who do I need to call if I have a problem with skunks, opossums, or raccoons?

A. Call the Animal Control Office at (479) 784-1040 and request to have a trap set at your residence to combat the problem.

Q. If a barking dog is a nuisance in my neighborhood what can I do?

A. You are encouraged to call (479) 709-5100 and request an animal warden (or police officer if after hours) to come out to speak with the dog’s owner(s). A report will be filed documenting the event and you can speak with the City Prosecuting Attorney about further action. A warrant can actually be issued for the dog’s owner if they do not take steps to stop the continual barking.

Q. What do I need to do in order to get my dog back that was taken by Animal Control?

A. You should contact the Sebastian County Humane Society at (479) 783-4395 to inquire about the shelter fees that will need to be paid before the dog can be released. All dogs picked up by Animal Control go to the Sebastian County Humane Society at 3800 Kelley Highway in Fort Smith.

Q. Who should I call if I have any further questions?

A. You can call the Animal Control Office at (479) 784-1040 or you can call the animal control supervisor at (479) 709-5017.