Aministrative Services Division - Victim Information

Programs and Assistance
Arkansas law and Fort Smith Police Department Policies and Procedures acknowledge that victims of certain types of crimes are entitled to special assistance. This document will briefly explain some of the various programs that are available to you, and list phone numbers for agencies to whom you may call for additional assistance.

Your Rights as a Victim Under Arkansas Law
As a victim, you or your representative have a right to be present whenever the defendant charged in your case has a right to be present during a court proceeding concerning the crime charged, other than a grand jury proceeding. This right may not apply if the court determines that your presence will interfere with the defendant's right to a fair trial, or the confidentiality or fairness in a juvenile proceeding.

You have a right to request the presence of an individual to provide support to you during a court proceeding, unless the court determines that exclusion of the individual is necessary to protect the defendant's right to a fair trial.

Neither you, nor a member of your family, will be compelled to disclose your residential address or place of employment while testifying in a criminal justice proceeding, on the record in open court, unless the court finds that disclosure of the information is necessary.

If you are a victim of a sex crime, the Fort Smith Police Department will not disclose information that directly or indirectly identifies you.

Your employer may not discharge nor discipline you for participation at the prosecuting attorney's request in preparation for a criminal justice proceeding, nor for attendance at a criminal justice proceeding if your attendance is reasonably necessary to protect your interests.

Any personal property that the Fort Smith Police Department takes from you as evidence will promptly be returned to you when it is no longer needed as evidence, unless that property is contraband and subject to seizure. The Fort Smith Police Department will take reasonable care of any property we take from you.

You may be entitled to benefits under the Arkansas Crime Victims Reparation Act. The Arkansas legislature intended this act to provide a method of compensating and assisting certain persons who are victims of criminal acts and who suffer physical injury or death. To determine if you qualify, informational brochures and applications are available from the Office of the Attorney General, 323 Center Street in Little Rock, Arkansas at 1-800-448-3014, from the Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney's Office in the Sebastian County Courthouse at 35 South 6th Street in Fort Smith, Arkansas at (479) 783-8976, or from the Fort Smith Police Department Detective Division, 100 South 10th Street, Fort Smith, Arkansas at (479) 709-5117.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, it may be necessary for a court to issue an "order of protection or a "no contact order". These are documents that serve several purposes, but which also gives law enforcement agencies the power to arrest your abuser should he or she contact you after the crime. The Fort Smith Police Department will assist you with this process.

As a victim, you will be granted access to public records pertaining to your case. You should contact the criminal investigator assigned your case with this request. When practicable, the investigator assigned your case will provide you information as to the suspect's identity, and let you know whether or not the suspect is in custody, has escaped, or has been released. The investigator will also provide you with his or her name and office telephone numbers to assist you in making contact should you desire to do so.

The Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) program monitors information about persons incarcerated in the Arkansas prison system and in county jails and makes that information available on a twenty four hour basis to victims of crimes. The toll free telephone number for the Arkansas VINE Hotline is 1-800-510-0415.

Victim Contact Information
The Fort Smith Police Department maintains a twenty four hour hotline that offers information about available assistance. This hotline's telephone number is (479) 709-5199, and then follow the system's directions.

The following agencies can provide information and assistance to you:

Law Enforcement Agencies
Fort Smith Police Department, 100 South 10th Street, 785-4221
FSPD Detective Division, 100 South 10th Street, 709-5117
Sebastian County Sheriff's Office, Fort Smith, 783-1051
Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney, County Courthouse, 783-8976
Sebastian County Detention Center, Fort Smith, 783-4988
Sebastian County Juvenile Intake Center, Fort Smith, 783-3532

Community Rescue Mission, 518 North 3rd 782-1443
Salvation Army, 301 North 6th, 783-2340, 783-6145 or 783-4938
Allied Garden Estates, 5221 Johnson, 782-3611
Ft Smith Housing Authority , 4201 Kinkead, 785-4881

AHEC Family Medical Center, 612 South 12th, 785-2431
Community Health Center, 3202 North 6th, 782-1456
Sebastian County Health Department, 3112 South 70th, 452-8600

Fort Smith Public Transit, 783-6464 or 782-9833

Utilities Assistance
Community Services Clearinghouse, 300 South 11th, 782-5074 or 782-7801
Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, 785-2303
Women's Assistance-Domestic Abuse or Sexual Assault
Crisis Center for Women, 401 Lexington Avenue, 782-4956

Children's Assistance
Fort Smith Children's Emergency Shelter, 3015 South 14th, 783-0018
Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect, 1-800-482-5964
Comprehensive Juvenile Services 785-4031

Department of Human Services
Children and Family Services; Elderly Services; Developmental Disabilities Services; Child Medical Services
Day Care; Aid to Family with Dependent Children; Food Stamps; Medicaid
Protective Services; Child Support Enforcement Unit; Services for the Blind 782-4555

Ft Smith Adult Education, 785-1232
Community Rescue Mission, 310 N F St, 782-1443
The Golden Rule Clothes Closet & More, 212 North 3rd, 783-8150

Food and Meals
American Red Cross, 1709 South Greenwood, 785-5582
Community Rescue Mission, 518 North 3rd, 782-1443
Community Services Clearinghouse, 300 South 11th, 782-5074 or 782-7801
Sebastian Community Development Council, 4831 Armour, 785-2303
Salvation Army, 301 North 6th, 783-2340, 783-6145 or 783-4938