911 Communications - Education Beat

Increase of 911 Calls
Over the past several years there has been an increased volume of phone calls coming into the 911 Fort Smith Police Communications Center. Although the majority of these calls are legitimate, there has been an increase of calls coming in for general information, phone numbers, and various 911 "non-emergency" calls that should be directed to other divisions of the Fort Smith Police Department. Therefore, to better inform the community, we have made a 911 suggestion sheet available.

Safety Tip Sheet - "911 Education Beat"
The "911 Education Beat" includes valuable safety tips and ideas such as: how to keep your family and home safer, a question and answer section, and an events calendar. In addition, there is also information on 911 that citizens should know - including accidental dialing of 911, keeping charged non-working phones away from children, locking phone keypads to ensure not accidentally dialing 911, and information on how to submit a person for a "9-1-1 Pride Award". These are just a few of the sections available on the tip sheet.